In a recent article, Sheridan was able to talk a bit about working on the sculpting portion of the Reclamation project. One thing about me is that I’m often accused of being modest, and so I’m not used to discussions about this. Nonetheless, very kind words.

Tune in Thursday to view the complete article (Courtesy of Desiree Hood, staff writer, The Easterner):

 Describe what it is like working with Romeal on the project? 

Romeal is awesome to work with! It’s clear that he has put an immense amount of energy into building the world of Reclamation, and he is extremely enthusiastic about what he is doing. He is engaged in the entire sculpting process and has a good idea in his head of the visual direction things should go in. That being said, he’s open to artistic interpretation and creative development by the artist, and I got to do a lot of conceptualizing during the sculpting process – the ideal working conditions! It’s a great feeling knowing I’ve helped to flesh out the image of one of the baddies in the world Romeal has created.

 What future do you see for “Reclamation”? 

I see Reclamation going far! Romeal’s multimedia approach to sharing his vision of Reclamation has the capacity to go beyond and make it big. I’d love to see it on the big screen!

Will you continue working with Romeal on this project? Why or why not? 

Most definitely. I’d love to get my hands on some of the other characters Romeal has cooking up, and Romeal’s enthusiasm about the project gets you seriously amped! He’s got a great vision in his head and I consider it a privilege to be able to shape those visions into tangible reality.

What is your job title and contact information? 

I’m a character/creature concept sculptor on the project. My email is My portfolio page can be found at and you can follow my blog at! Check ’em out for samples of my work.

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