Sean, with SKBoriginals, comes through with the update of Layna, and I tell you, it’s looks fabulous. It really opens up her physique and gives her yet another “come-and-get-me” look. As I imagine the course of the story, I can see her making this pose at one point or another. I have some experience as a boxer and so this pose reminds me of that a little, but more graceful almost even a Bruce Lee pose as seen here.

When I taught boxing classes, a lot of the more athletic women would make this pose (even though it would be painfully wrong in the boxing world…unless your are a master), so it reminds me much of that. She has her chin down, back arm is chambered, the true pose of a master martial artist.

When I look at this, I often think to myself, if I were a master hunter/swordsman/martial artist for about 650 years (Layna is 700 years old). What would my master stance be??? I know Jesse Glover, who was Bruce Lee’s first student, and he told me something Bruce Lee once said. Sometime around 1959 Bruce asked Jesse one day, “What kind of person would you be if you knew that everyone around you, you know you could totally kick their ass.” profound question.

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